Irrigation for the future

Is your water
expensive or limited?

When water is expensive or limited, every irrigation counts.

We can help you increase water-use accuracy, reduce risk, and maximize your profits in tight water conditions.

Our secret of success

Irrigation for the Future’s secret is our in-house designed software we call “IMO”. Using IMO, we can bring these benefits to your operation.

  • See potential yield impacts of different levels of water use
  • Explore how different irrigation strategies will influence your soil moisture over the entire season
  • You define the most profitable use of the water you have

Reduce Uncertainty 

When water is limited or expensive the most profitable level of irrigation is less than what the crop wants.

Calculating that sweet spot is critical and difficult.

Timing and amount are everything.

And every field is different.


With IFF’s IMO, you can track crop water usage throughout the season, using our proprietary simulation to adjust your irrigations to maximize your crop and minimize your water usage.


Connect to your smart irrigation system monitors using IMO and monitor your water usage during your irrigations. 

Our Management Team

Irrigation the Future has assembled a expert management team with decades of experience in their respective fields.

Marshall English

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Emeritus professor and irrigation extension specialist, Biological and Ecological Engineering Department, Oregon State University.

Collin English

Chief Information Officer

Over a decade working in irrigated agriculture. Communication, outreach, project direction. Grape grower.

Ben Vassmer

Chief Technology Officer

Leads software group, heading up development and design of all of IFF projects. Former software developer for the Oklahoma Mesonet.

Laureine El Khoury

Water Management Engineer

Agricultural water and energy management. Her work enhances accuracy of irrigation scheduling and maximizing water use efficiencies.

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